Smorgasburg 2013

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April 29, 2013 by babygotbackribs


What a difference a year makes!  We are three weeks into the 2013 Smorgasburg season and it is incredible to se how much the market has grown.  There are a ton of amazing new  vendors and a whole slew of new customers.  Our first customer last weekend was an Austrian couple staying the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan. Apparently the concierge at the Waldorf instructed them to check out SMORGASBURG!  So cool.

We are rocking our traditional sweet ribs and our 21 spice dry rub but we have some new products working their way into the line-up.  First up – Spicy Asian Rib sandwich.  We pull the the rib meat off of the bone and braise it a mix of three chiles, hoisin, black bean, fish sauce, chile paste and secret mojo spice blend to give it a two alarm spice.  YES, it is more spicy than the Mole. Yes, it is hot.  How hot?…if you have to ask, you probably can’t handle it.

Kale Caesar salad.  I know — why salad when you are ‘the rib guy’? Because it is a really good salad. The roughage of the Kale with tender ribs work together for ying-yang, many happiness.  Also, lets face it – some people are ridiculously health obsessed. As a business owner I can’t in good conscious ignore the customers.


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Locations & Hours


Williamsburg (Brooklyn)
Saturdays (thru Nov. 17)
11am - 6pm
East River Waterfront
(btw. North 7 & 8 St.)

Dumbo (Brooklyn)
Sundays (thru Nov. 18)
11am - 6pm
Brooklyn Bridge Park - Tobacco Warehouse (30 Water St.)

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